Katie Beth Carter spent five years as a dancer at school, hoping to make the Varsity dance team. On the first day of her Senior year, she learns she didn't make the cut. She is heartbroken. Her dream of becoming a Marching Ballerina at Jacksonville State University seems to be over. Dad, offers her a bucket of softballs and says- "go throw these at God."

Afterward, Katie records her prayers in her journal. It has a yellow butterfly on the cover. Katie becomes the football team manager and trains with a new, very demanding dance coach. Katie Beth has a growing friendship with the star receiver, Marcus. She's a bit stunned to learn he wants to leave his tumultuous family and enlist in the Marines as soon as he graduates. She invites him to the upcoming Christmas musical where she'll have a solo dance. Afterward, Coach Slaughter tells her and Marcus about the spring break service trip to Nicaragua.

The next day, KB learns the audition for JSU is at the same time. She wants to do both - but can't. Not until she steps off the van in Nicaragua do we learn that that she decides the mission trip will have a more eternal impact. In Nicaragua, Little Maria is enchanted by Katie Beth's dancing. They color a yellow butterfly in a coloring book together. A tear rolls down Katie's face, aware she was missing tryouts at JSU. As the mission team is leaving, Maria slips a note in Katie?s pocket. It's the picture of the yellow butterfly with a message added: "Siempre Baila"...ALWAYS DANCE.

Touchdown in Atlanta, Katie Beth learns another audition has opened. The Carters scramble from the airport to the audition. Katie holds on to her butterfly picture for good luck. On their way back home, Katie Beth looks back through her journal, determined to make a big impact during her last few months of high school. She writes a Bible verse and a note of encouragement to every person in her class. She puts the messages on each classmate's locker. From that point forward her classmates refer to her as Kind Katie. Just before graduation she learns she made the JSU squad.

The whole family makes the two-hour trip to JSU to watch Katie Beth dance at her first game. After a perfect Labor Day weekend at home, she heads back to school. Three miles from JSU an 18-wheel truck hits her broadside. The impact kills her instantly. At the crash scene, an EMSworker picks up a charred picture of a yellow butterfly with the words, "Siempre Biala?".

Amy weeps over Katie Beth?s scholarship award letter. Jason hurls softballs at the backyard fence. At the funeral home, Marcus arrives straight from Marine boot camp in full dress. He salutes Jason, the casket, and then collapses in tears.

At the private family graveside service, a yellow butterfly follows the family from Katie Beth's grave, to a neighbor's son's grave a few feet away. The ballerinas tell Amy that they've all seen a yellow butterfly "dancing" in Katie Beth's spot during their games.

The Leadership class decides to build a school in Nicaragua in Katie Beth?s honor. They raise $60,000. A yellow butterfly flits across a beautiful green pasture
while uniformed kids are running toward a new brick school building on a Nicaraguan hillside. The sign goes up on the school: Katie Beth Carter Memorial School.

As the kids begin their first day of class, they open their text books to discover a note for each child. One little girl's note is a tattered colored picture of a yellow butterfly with the words, "SIEMPRE BIALA" on it. A tear rolls down her cheek... and then a giant smile.